Big Thanks to everyone that came down to the last Kinetic Comedy of the season.

We will be back after The Edinburgh Fringe Festival for more comedy !!

If you’d like to come support us in Edinburgh and see the shows check out the Underbelly website for more information:…/kinetic-comedy-edinb… 

Big thanks to Darius Davies, Maureen Younger, Kae Kurd, Thanyia Moore, Leo Kearse and our amazing headliner Imran Yusuf for providing the funnies on the night !!

Photos taken by Sarah Cabrera from the night are right below so get tagging and liking if you appreciate the photos.

Also make sure to like our Facebook page as we have a lot of news coming soon that you will definitely want to hear !!

Hope to see you in Edinburgh on the 27th, 28th & 29th of August 2015

And thank you again for making our shows so enjoyable