The New Apple iPad is now out and if you were lucky enough to bag one or you own an iPad 2 then check out our brand new app.
You can download it NOW and for free !!

It’s easy to install too, just follow our quick 4 step guide below to have it enabled on your iPad device in less than 2 minutes:

[content_slider] Head to in your safari web browser. Wait for the site to load up and you will see a message bubble appear in the top left corner of your screen. [lightbox src=”×225.png” href=”” alt=”” align=”left” title=”Kinetic Comedy iPad App (Step 1)”] Click the browser menu button and then click ‘Add to Home Screen’ in the drop down menu.
[lightbox src=”×225.png” href=”” width=”500px “alt=”” align=”left” title=”Kinetic Comedy iPad App (Step 2)”] Once you’ve done that, you are given the opportunity to change the name of the app or you can leave it as the default. [lightbox src=”×225.png” href=”” alt=”” align=”left” title=”Kinetic Comedy iPad App (Step 3)”] That’s it !! Now you have the Kinetic Comedy App ready on your iPad to keep you up to date with all our latest news, pictures and competitions
[lightbox src=”×225.png” href=”” alt=”” align=”left” title=”Kinetic Comedy iPad App (Step 4)”] [/content_slider]

You also have access to the Kinetic Shop from here where you can purchase tickets to our shows.

If you’ve tried the app for yourself, why not let us know in a comment below or on our Facebook Page

Happy Browsing