Well done to this months winner, Black Columbo who has won his very own Kinetic Comedy Character !!Winner of June’s Prize draw !!

[lightbox src=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7008/6713869383_3ef33b6afb_d.jpg” href=”http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7008/6713869383_3ef33b6afb_b_d.jpg” center=”center” title=”Black Columbo – Kinetic Comedy Character”] [divider margin=”30″]

If you would like a chance of winning your own Kinetic Comedy Character then check out how to enter below

There are 5 ways in which you can enter our Kinetic Competition to win your very own Kinetic Character created by Phil Corbett.

[accordion] [section name=”1st way to enter”]Attend a Kinetic Comedy Show The next ones are on: Friday 22nd July 2011[/section] [section name=”2nd way to enter”]‘Like’ our Kinetic Comedy Fan Page on Facebook[/section] [section name=”3rd way to enter”]Follow our Twitter account: @kineticcomedy[/section] [section name=”4th way to enter”]Sign up to our Mailing List[/section] [section name=”5th way to enter”]Scan your Kinetic Comedy Ticket that you purchase via Paypal with your mobile device. Click for more information[/section] [/accordion]

The clever ones amongst you will do all 5 to gain lucky entries :D

The deadline for this months competition is Friday 2nd July 2011 and the winner will be chosen at random at the next Kinetic Comedy event !!

Good luck ~