A long time ago, myself and Richard sat in an all you could eat vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Islington and we brain farted onto numerous bits of paper our ideas and visions for our own comedy club, Kinetic Comedy.

We wanted to create a place where everyone felt included and welcome. A party atmosphere where you felt comfortable to let yourself go without fear of ridicule. An environment for comedians to play to audiences that were excited and hyped for comedy.

But most importantly our aim was to showcase and celebrate diversity. As people we aren’t all the same, everyone is uniquely different with something special to give and that is something beautiful rather than something that should be seen as scary or foreign. We should all be given the opportunity to shine positively no matter what our background, culture, gender or sexuality is. That is a belief i, my family and my friends have always held and it was to become the basis of Kinetic.

I hope that everyone that ever had the opportunity to perform or attend a Kinetic Comedy Show felt that promise that we wanted to achieve as the shows would definitely not be anything without all your support.

The last 6 years have given me the opportunity to work alongside my family and closest friends and i couldn’t be more grateful.

It has also been a hub in which for many to make new friends and i am proud to say the majority of returning audience members have become some of my best friends in recent years too.

6 years later to the day, i look back at the ton of shows we have produced and definitely don’t want to stop.

Don’t worry, Kinetic Comedy isn’t going anyway.

I promise we will be back very very soon and we just need a little more time to make the shows even better in a new venue with all new features and surprises. We have so much happening at the moment and I can’t wait until we’re back to share it with you all.

Kinetic Comedy is evolving but our core principles will always remain the same.

This is just a long arse message to say, thank you to everyone that has attended one of our shows in the past and thank you to everyone that has and still is apart of the Kinetic Comedy Family.

Here is to another 6 years