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Audience Feedback

Have you been to a Kinetic Comedy Show before ? Let us know what you thought below . . .

It was a good night. Comedy, treets and Video games!
Theresa Magbagbeola - Thursday May 17, 2012
Blinding night! Will be coming again. I was singing 'black colombo' for days
Joe Rickards - Wednesday May 9, 2012
man my face is still hurting from laughing my ass off!!! seriously fav night of the month now!!!
Bonnie Williams - Saturday April 28 2012
You smashed it bro and ALL the comedians were hilarious! I'm still cracking up about the 'Black Columbo' song loooool! Defo one of the best Kinetics EVER!
DJ Dymond - Saturday April 28 2012
I was still laughing at work today! Awesome night, brilliant comedians and such a lovely audience :D see you guys next month! xx ♥
Ceyda U - Saturday April 28 2012
That was one..funny night! Well done Inel & crew once again! woke up this morning still laughing at Eric Lampaert's justification of nail polish on men..aaaw
Zoe Electra - Saturday March 31 2012
Another awesome show. Thanks to the Kinetic team!
Eric Miller - Saturday March 31 2012
Great evening at Kinetic Comedy. Such a good line up of up and coming comics - highly recommend!
Pollyanna McGirr - Saturday February 25 2012
went to my first ever live comedy night Kinetic Comedy at the garage tonight! was absolutely amazing! BIGups to Richard Paris Wilson and Inel Tomlinson for an amazing night! Roll on the next one! Super fun times! Still laughing!
Ben Main - Saturday October 8 2012
Big night mate, had a great time! You got me good man, when I looked round the room and saw the other guys pointing at their mate I was sure I was safe... Then I heard it... Paul, get up here. Joker!
Paul Charles - Saturday October 8 2012
Kinetic comedy was an absolute success last night!!!Every time you hold a show I always wonder how you'll top it next time. Never a dissapointment ;-) ! anyone that missed out is a foooool!! best not make the same mistake again people, you missing out !! keep it up guys :) x
Greta Cioccari - Saturday April 2 2011
i had a great time last night! enjoyed the venue comedy and atmosphere a lot... thank you all so very much for giving me a wonderful evening! ♥ looking forward to the next one
Nina Van Houten - Friday February 25th 2011
Last night was really good -great acts -very great venue -amazing cocktails thanks ;)
Adah Le Rêve - Friday February 25th 2011
I had a brilliant night -- as did my friends! Always a lovely - and lively(!) - atmosphere. My face LITERALLY hurts from smiling and laughing all night! Thanks for having me! X
Samantha French - Saturday November 20 2010
Absolutely fantastic Inel, laughed so bloody hard!! ;-) x
Clare Crowley - Saturday July 30 2010
Great night!
Kathryn McRink - Saturday June 25 2010
im still laughing now, those guys smashed it!! im now gonna watch out for pigeons, shirty pigeons!!!!
Azedin El-ahmadi - Saturday May 14 2010
A-MAZING show, such good quality of comedy, intimate room, wicked sound effects and bloody party rings... what more could i ask for. defo be at the next one! xxx
Hannah Martin - Saturday April 2 2010